What You Need To Know About The Matrixswap’s DEX Aggregator Before It’s Public Beta Release

Update (October 14th 2021)— the Matrixswap DEX Aggregator is currently live now to the public. You can start trading on Polgon’s Network using our DEX Aggregator.

Use this link here to start trading — https://router.matrixswap.io/.

We are more excited than ever to showcase what Matrixswap and the team have been working on for months now — our DEX Aggregator, nicknamed ‘The Nebuchadnezzar.’ As we prepare for our Public Beta Release of the Nebuchadnezzar very soon, we want to take a moment to describe the DEX aggregator in full detail.

As previously announced, Matrixswap has received a grant from the Polygon team to build our DEX aggregator, The Nebuchadnezzar, on top of Polygon (formerly known as Matic).

With scalability and infrastructure development as the main concern for Ethereum, Polygon is a layer 2 scaling solution that executes transactions at low fees and fast transactions. Polygon has been regarded as transforming Ethereum into a multi-chain system while Ethereum continues to figure out its rollout of ETH 2.0. With a combination of the Plasma Framework & Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, the Polygon network offers a high throughput of 7,000 transactions per second.

The Nebuchadnezzar will be connected to high-volume AMMs on Polygon such as SushiSwap, QuickSwap, Dfyn, Ape Swap, Polycat, and many more. Users will have more ability and functions to swap multiple tokens to one asset, and vice versa.

The DEX Aggregator UI / UX

Matrixswap is proud to introduce you to the first iteration of our DEX Aggregator, The Nebuchadnezzar. Our DEX Aggregator, built on top of Polygon, is your one-stop-shop for token swaps with a ton of cool features listed below.

We’ve made our interface easy to use and understand which is also in line with the core theme of the Matrixswap brand.

A useful feature found in most centralized exchanges such as Binance is a Percentage Bar, allowing users to visually see and easily calculate how much they want to swap.

Users can also see Routing information to quickly find out where they are getting the best token prices from our list of AMMs on Polygon.

In the example above, the user is purchasing two different tokens, DAI and AAVE using USDC. The Routing information is displayed on the left.

Users can also search for their favorite tokens from three different AMMs — Dfyn, Quickswap, and SushiSwap with a total of over 1200 different tokens.

Here Are Some Unique Functions of Matrixswap’s DEX Aggregator

Multi-Token Swaps

Unlike any other DEX out there, users can now purchase/swap multiple tokens at once all within one single transaction. Cool, right?

In the screenshot above, a user has purchased $1200 USDC worth of tokens ($1000 USDC for $SUSHI and $200 USDC for $MATIC).

You can see that when the user purchases $SUSHI & $MATIC that the DEX Aggregator goes through two different AMMs to get the best deal — all within a matter of seconds. Even though there may be multiple swaps that take place, this entire transaction is written once in the Polygon blockchain. You can see what an example of this looks like on Polygonscan.

Vice versa is also possible. Users can swap multiple tokens into one single asset such as USDC in the screenshot shown below.

Here are the benefits of multi-token swaps for users -

  • Easily and quickly purchase multiple tokens (whenever there is a huge dip, perhaps.)
  • Sell and swap tokens into one single asset (get out of investments quickly when you profit!)
  • And most importantly, multi-token swaps are performed in one single transaction with Matrixswap, allowing you to pay for gas fees only ONCE.

Emergency Nuke Button

The Emergency Nuke Button is designed so users can convert multiple tokens into one single asset under one transaction. This allows users to quickly sell their assets before the market crashes or if they are profitable and want to get out of a position quickly and easily.

So long as your tokens are approved for swapping, you can convert tokens to a stablecoin, perhaps.

It’s as easy as 3 clicks…

Public Beta

We have already released our DEX Aggregator as a beta to our community members initially to fix bugs, improve functionality, and usability.

Our public beta will be released next week, October 13th. Everyone will be able to use Matrixswap’s DEX Aggregator and conduct token swaps for themselves.

As this is our first iteration of the DEX Aggregator, we are always looking to improve every area of the product from the UI/UX to its functions.

To report any bugs please fill out the Bug Report Form here.

If you have any suggestions, please fill out the Suggestion Form here.

Releasing the DEX Aggregator is a huge milestone for Matrixswap and we will continue to keep building and pushing the boundaries in what we have to offer.

Thanks for reading.

About Matrixswap ($MATRIX)

Matrixswap is a fully decentralized virtual-AMM-based perpetual swaps trading protocol deployed on the Polkadot and the Cardano blockchains. Unlike traditional AMMs, users can long or short any assets’ perpetual contracts with up to 25x leverage. Matrixswap aims to be a fully community-owned and governed Defi protocol.

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