Recap of Matrixswap’s 1st Trading Competition — Statistics, Winners, and What’s Next

Matrixswap’s first Trading Competition is in the books! A huge thank you to all of the traders that have signed up and participated for their chance at the prize pool. Over the span of two weeks, we’ve got a lot of tremendous feedback from everyone regarding our Perpetual DEX and we ensure we are refining everything we can before you start trading with real money.

Over the past week, our team has been reviewing all of the participants to ensure fair competition for those who joined our trading competition. Unfortunately, there were quite a few participants who have decided to trade unfairly. We have eliminated all of those participants from the winner's list.

Trading Competition Statistics

  • BTC AMM Volume — $152,492,016 USD
  • ETH AMM Volume — $47,087,447 USD
  • Total # of Traders — 526

~$200 Million in Trading Volume

During the two-week event, we’ve seen almost a total of $200m USDC in total trading volume for just two pairs — ETH/USDC & BTC/USDC! While our initial pair offering was ETH/USDC, most of the volume generated from traders was from BTC/USDC.

In terms of daily trading volume, we saw most of the volume being traded towards the last week of the competition and most during the last few days. While this trading competition was held during the holidays, we can only imagine that traders wanted to test their trading skills to stay ahead of the curve for 2022.


The total prize pool of this competition was 100,000 $MATRIX. After carefully reviewing the leaderboard here are the top 20 winners of the trading competition.

Top 20 Winners -

  1. 0x95bcd982094450e529f00c3fb57c1e6dedc85f38
  2. 0xee8d962e8a1f3bb009db1dd01ce16b92f7144e58
  3. 0xd334e7c35588352c401ee17297cd12cd9de2cd73
  4. 0x1943db692632e3fe2eb76ac73a8f7cea57f378de
  5. 0xdf525eb0e0c605d022e797ef2ec241426c230bf1
  6. 0xc64f8d3afdcf96a701b2a1c17dac02ac70a8c430
  7. 0x876163b45dfe5c1edf57831931feb5ba23f122b3
  8. 0x80be1bb634562920f74f4ed013885b96f6dc0f25
  9. 0x1d09bad800eee8a78e0f1256989a873984cd8c4e
  10. 0xe0ef249f3275318e1f1fe5522b01f3b475b67475
  11. 0xa52960e49b9230d4fe3280a3d170a8a3310787d3
  12. 0x5845f4526446e5e7ba940f15f71df11bda15f2fb
  13. 0x5b82827c0d882c3ecf9efeb4b3e3ea945cd89c1c
  14. 0x706dd0d5ded69836551e12be19dae4e5e30e4d08
  15. 0xb420b8e513d0e7e485df56a2af9eb5ca7660589e
  16. 0xbd0fd85ae3d16339361896a123b82b44763bc528
  17. 0xdd2081f897df2f9dba01cd482c780ecf863fb33b
  18. 0x6a479dd87f5a29dadd47e8ca692ba26471652361
  19. 0xafe88cf8ecfacd8b7a4b9ce6395efc948eb99021
  20. 0xb6fd18acbdd24c2b5448cace7a89aae8eef7dc94

While the top 3 walk away with the most amount of $MATRIX tokens, everyone in our spreadsheet will receive tokens.

1st Place — 30,000 MATRIX

2nd Place — 15,000 MATRIX

3rd Place — 8000 MATRIX

4th to 20th Place — 1,000 MATRIX per trader

21st to 50th Place — 500 MATRIX per trader

51st to 200th Place — 100 MATRIX per trader

You can view all of the winners in this spreadsheet here.

*If you don’t see your ETH address in the spreadsheet, it most likely means you are disqualified.

*$MATRIX tokens will be sent end of the week.

What’s Next?

  • Improve the UI based on people’s feedback from the trading competition.
  • Fix the bugs reported by our community and auditors.
  • Launch new initiatives that aim to onboard new users to try out MatrixPerp.
  • Implement new features once bugs are crushed.

In the meantime, you can:

About Matrixswap

Matrixswap is a fully decentralized virtual-AMM-based perpetual swaps trading protocol deployed on the Polkadot, Cardano, and Polygon blockchains. Unlike traditional AMMs, users can long or short any assets’ perpetual contracts with up to 25x leverage. Matrixswap aims to be a fully community-owned and governed Defi protocol.

Use The Matrixswap DEX Aggregator on Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche

Matrixswap’s DEX Aggregator is now LIVE on three different chains — Polygon, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), & Avalanche. Trade all of your favorite assets within these three chains and enjoy the unique features Matrixswap has to offer.

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