Recap: Matrixswap Community Call (February 5th, 2022)

Thanks to everyone who tuned into another Monthly Community Call! In case you missed it, there’s a replay somewhere in this article. Keep on reading to catch up on all of the updates for the month of January and what we’re working on next.

January was another busy month for the Matrix Labs team. We have a lot to look forward to this month.

Here’s what we discussed during the call -

  • Halborn smart contract audit for MatrixPerp is in the final stages of improvements. A public audit will be available soon.
  • Exploring a partnership with UpShot and potentially creating a brand new product.
  • Discussion with Chainlink labs if they could provide an oracle solution for NFTs.
  • MatrixZap is currently in the demo phase. Still working out bugs and fixes to ensure a great farming experience.
  • Using Zap users can create liquidity pairs and provide LP from a single asset.
  • Working on a Defi game experience on our platform similar to Defi Kingdoms.
  • Integrating Moonbeam and Moonriver into our Matrixswap DEX Aggregator next.
  • Single token staking pools to be available with the perp launch.
  • In talks with a few CEXs but want more value in order to move forward.
  • New Dfyn pools will be renewed with a higher emission rate considering a decrease in the price of the token.
  • We are exploring tons of marketing opportunities that include influencer marketing, sponsored newsletters, paid ads, and more.

Here’s the full replay below -

Again, we appreciate everyone who attended our Monthly Call! We always try to be the most transparent with our community in what we are building and what comes next.

Stay tuned for our next Community Call!

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