Matrixswap Whitelist Lottery — Winners Announced

As we take the next step towards building a community-first DEX focused on multichain perpetual swaps on Cardano, Polkadot, and Polygon, we are always thinking of ways to give back to our wonderful community. For a chance to become part of the Matrixswap ecosystem before our anticipated IDO on Cardstarter, we held a Whitelist Lottery for the community and we’re overwhelmed by the love and support.

The Whitelist Lottery means a fairly distributed opportunity to take part in a Matrixswap token sale, where the winners are able to acquire $MATRIX tokens directly with us before our IDO on Cardstarter.

Details of Whitelist Lottery -

20 lucky winners have the ability to allocate up to $175 (USDT) each towards Matrixswap’s token, $MATRIX.

Winners will be contacted from our official Twitter (@Matrixswap) shortly about their allocation.

It’s also important to note that these users must agree to Matrixswap Terms and Conditions.

The Matrixswap team has the right to revoke allocations if needed (based on risk, security, and other factors).

Here are the winners of Matrixswap Whitelist Lottery -

  1. 0x1C7dBD….3D1EC1be01
  2. 0x9d7EE….9f8F8a7b
  3. 0x5A2a7fD….B6189672
  4. 0x308E1E1….7bCD7192cc
  5. finger0xBe9FD000….00CB52b5
  6. 0xea31F2F0….3D9C059B2
  7. 0xe72a87bB6….fD1273423c3a
  8. 0xF7BBBd48….748Fe0592B
  9. 0xc1bfBcb4AF….dba688D3F01
  10. 0x6Dda971830….1a710757501
  11. 0xD0c2D54A2….4E2A517bB214
  12. 0x6Ec8F699….022DB6b8bd
  13. 0xa84B6513….1E5aadc66eD8
  14. 0x4945a163….4af0AA28afa56e
  15. 0x355A9e07….2CA71D8E726
  16. 0xd3079D91….C45Bf14d6024
  17. 0xf93aB00E….76e1a058352D
  18. 0x965d3d22….6edf97ba49F6
  19. 0x4a6aBb698….0cd60eEf9
  20. 0x0Eeb17a6….12922B8a8a5

Winners must complete the following steps to securing their allocations -

Step 1 -

  • Users will need to verify their ETH address they have provided during their submission.
  • Failure to verify will automatically disqualify you from your allocation.

Step 2 -

  • Complete KYC before September 8th, 11:59pm PST.
  • If users fail to complete KYC, allocations will be withdrawn.

Step 3 -

  • Winners will have up to $175 USDT for their allocation. Each allocation will be entitled to purchase $MATRIX tokens at public sale allocation terms. ($0.10 per 1 MATRIX token)
  • Winners with approved KYC can allocate their funds towards Matrixswap’s tokens from September 9th to 10th directly with the Matrixswap team.

*Please beware of scammers. Winners will only be contacted via our Official Twitter @Matrixswap.*

Again, we appreciate each and every one of you who participated in this Whitelist Lottery. If you weren’t chosen as a winner, don’t worry! You can always participate in our IDO on Cardstarter. Registration has already started and will end on September 7th @ 8 AM PST.

Our IDO event will take place on September 10th, 8 AM PST.

Here’s a detailed article on how you can participate in our highly anticipated IDO.

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