Matrixswap Trading Competition — Featuring New UI & 100k MATRIX Up For Grabs!

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We couldn’t be more thrilled to host Matrixswap’s first Trading Competition! We launched Mainnet Beta on our Perpetual DEX and the efforts have finally paid off. This marks a huge milestone in delivering an awesome derivatives trading experience built on Matrixswap.

The fun isn’t over yet! Read more if you want to test your trading skills and earn some sweet rewards!

If you don’t know what our Perpetual DEX is,

Introducing Matrixswap’s Brand New User Interface for Our Perpetual DEX

Brand New User Interface For Perpetual DEX

You will be competing in Matrixswap’s 1st Trading Competition using our brand new user interface designed to give you a very unique trading experience.

Just like our DEX Aggregator, our Perpetual DEX has gotten a complete makeover that is at the core of Matrixswap’s brand.

We are offering a best-in-class trading experience whether you are longing or shorting your favorite assets.

At the time of publishing this article, the new UI is not live. However, it will be live before our Trading Competition starts.*

Matrixswap Mainnet Beta Trading Competition Details

Matrixswap is hosting our very first Trading Competition, starting on December 20th and will last until January 3rd, 2022. (A total of 2 weeks.)

The best part is, you can win some serious $MATRIX — 100,000 $MATRIX tokens will be handed out to winners. While the top traders get the most, all traders within the top 200 will win prizes!

Competition Period -

  • December 20th to January 3rd, 2022 (a total of 2 weeks).

Prizes -

Everyone in the top 200 will win!

1st Place — 30,000 MATRIX

2nd Place — 15,000 MATRIX

3rd Place — 8000 MATRIX

4th to 20th Place — 1,000 MATRIX per trader

21st to 50th Place — 500 MATRIX per trader

51st to 200th Place — 100 MATRIX per trader

How We Determine the Winners —

Winners will be determined on our Leaderboard by realized PnL.

Markets —


Rules -

We suggest each trader create a new MetaMask wallet on Matic Network. Each trader can claim Test-USDC using their new MetaMask account. You can use the same amount to trade however you like on Matrixswap Perpetual DEX, as long as you are within the following rules.

Once you are set up with a new account and receive your Test-USDC, you are technically entered in our leaderboard. However, you will need to register via the Google Form below to be qualified to win prizes.

  • US, UK, and Chinese citizens and traders located in those jurisdictions are not eligible for the competition and will not be awarded prizes. Other jurisdictions might not be eligible — do your own research on whether you are allowed to participate in crypto giveaways.
  • Any form of cheating(ex. transferring USDC to/from an external source) will result in disqualification.
  • Open to persons 18 years of age or older only.
  • Void where prohibited by law. (Check your country for regulations)
  • Those who violate the rules will be disqualified from receiving any rewards.

Register For Trading Competition Here -

  1. First, we suggest you create a brand new Account within your MetaMask.
  2. This will be an entirely new address that you will trade within your MetaMask.
  3. This allows you to trade without implications or worries from your usual wallet.
  4. We will also publicly display winners’ addresses in our announcements.
  5. Retweet our Trading Competition Tweet .

Learn How to Trade On Our Perpetual DEX

We have updated our documentation area to show you how to get started using our Perpetual DEX. While we don’t go over in detail what perpetual trading is, you should do your own research in this specific trading.

You can view the to get started.

About Matrixswap

Matrixswap is a fully decentralized virtual-AMM-based perpetual swaps trading protocol deployed on the Polkadot, Cardano, and Polygon blockchains. Unlike traditional AMMs, users can long or short any assets’ perpetual contracts with up to 25x leverage. Matrixswap aims to be a fully community-owned and governed Defi protocol.

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