Matrixswap Refreshes It’s DEX Aggregator UI/UX and Integrates BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

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Due to popular demand from the community, Matrixswap is officially integrating Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to its DEX Aggregator. As Matrixswap believes the future of crypto is multi-chain, adding Binance Smart Chain is inevitable as BSC provides fast transactions at low transaction costs. Matrixswap has also refreshed its UI/UX to be more intuitive, faster, and extremely user-friendly.

Binance Smart Chain is the home of Binance’s native token, $BNB. As this token is currently ranked #3 (behind Bitcoin and Ethereum), we understand that there are a ton of crypto enthusiasts who enjoy using BSC to conduct transactions and invest in certain assets. BSC is also optimized to scale while maintaining very low gas fees and fast transactions. You can learn more about BSC here.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

Matrixswap will also tap into BSC’s liquidity from various AMMs using our DEX Aggregator ensuring users will get the best prices whenever trading or swapping within BSC’s ecosystem. Matrixswap users will also benefit from our unique features such as multi-token swaps, the emergency nuke button, and a unique UI/UX that users love.

Integration of Binance Smart Chain

Users can still expect the same great functionality that we have to offer -

  • Multi-token sells and buys — buy or sell multiple tokens under one single transaction.
  • Emergency Nuke Button — Quickly sell multiple tokens to a single asset (stablecoin, perhaps)
  • See Routing information to see how your transaction operates
  • Aggregated liquidity from top AMMs within Binance Smart Chain

$MATRIX token is also now available to trade on BSC.

Official MATRIX BEP-20 Contract Address: 0xc32bB619966B9a56cF2472528a36Fd099CE979E0

Refreshed User Experience

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New User Interface

To ensure a more friendly experience that is within Matrixswap’s brand, we have implemented a brand new look for our DEX Aggregator.

Here are some new things you might already notice -

  • High contrast interface for all of our swapping mechanics.
  • Intuitive trading input & percentage bar for ease of trading.
  • Easy to understand Routing information (Seen in Settings)
  • Adaptable Emergency Nuke Button functions — set the nuke function’s target stable coin to whatever you like to convert your assets to.
  • Switch easily from Polygon Network to BSC (Binance Smart Chain) within 1 click.
  • A new organized menu bar and a new background to piece everything together.

You can expect a similar user experience for our Perpetual DEX moving forward.

Here is the official documentation on how to use our DEX Aggregator on Polygon and BSC.


We believe that “multi-chain” is the next step in advancing crypto and adding another chain to our products will allow users to trade their favorite assets whenever they want to.

We already have another blockchain we’re going to add next—any guesses?

Thanks again for all of the support!

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