Matrix Labs Monthy Update (January 2022) — Development Updates, January Highlights, and More

Welcome to another Monthly Update from Matrix Labs!

2022 is off to a great start! Time really does fly when you’re constantly building and shipping, huh?

January has been a very rewarding and busy month for the Matrix Labs team. A complete rebrand with a new vision and goals to change the game in the DeFi space.

Let’s go over what went down in January.

January Highlights

  • Matrixswap has integrated the Fantom blockchain.
  • Trading Competition was a success.
  • Smart Contract Audits by Halborn Security
  • A rebrand from Matrixswap to Matrix Labs

Development Updates

Fantom Integration Into Matrixswap

Our amazing DEX Aggregator, Matrixswap, has integrated yet another amazing new blockchain, Fantom into its lineup. You can now trade on up to 4 different chains — Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, and Fantom.

Next, the team is hard at work to add Moonbeam and Moonriver as our next targets.

Start swapping here —

MatrixPerp Updates

Our Perpetual DEX is also getting ready for mainnet which will go live VERY soon. Our team is hard at work at implementing minor bug fixes, new features, and preparing everything so you can start trading real assets on mainnet.

We’re introducing 3 initial trading pairs for you to speculate on.

  • ETH / USDC
  • BTC / USDC

Be prepared to start trading your favorite assets!

Trading Competition

We’ve also concluded our 1st ever Trading Competition in early January. We’ve seen almost $200 million traded within 2 weeks and have reward over 100 participants with $MATRIX tokens!

Below are some quick stats from the trading competition.

Trading Competition Statistics

  • BTC AMM Volume — $152,492,016 USD
  • ETH AMM Volume — $47,087,447 USD
  • Total # of Traders — 526

Smart Contract Audits by Halborn Security

We take security seriously and that’s why we’ve partnered with Halborn Security to complete our Smart Contract Audits for both our platforms — Matrixswap & MatrixPerp.

Read more about it here.

Matrixswap Rebrands to Matrix Labs

The decision to rebrand was a logical conclusion after an enlightening past few months of growing Matrixswap to an internal team of 9, dozens of partnerships, a multi-chain DEX aggregator, and a lightning-fast Perpetual DEX — we certainly have been busy!

While we have built amazing products already, the Matrix team has set their visions a lot higher and with that, is an opportunity to create something truly amazing in the world of DeFi.

This is why Matrixswap has decided to rebrand to Matrix Labs.

Read more about the rebrand here.

NFT Giveaway!

We’ve been holding an NFT giveaway for the past 3 months now with a new NFT introduced each month.

You can enter to win here.

Here are the winners for the last week of January -

  1. 0x31DaD17E70a236D7AE40a10cA8446e422d081dDD
  2. 0xbd0fda31473461b21cb7d723e70b3b5c1c9cb251
  3. 0x34b2B5b28314FBa4a1FbA3Fe1a7Fdd2f71A32Ba8
  4. 0x12e12dFffe4A1069d972f6AC1c41928F7d54Ffd8
  5. 0x4F4BdfC5911b3FD2ABDaE0d1eF47743cd22A1212
  6. 0xb6F729b3dA4cd11019c5C5B0391567c8A247231E
  7. 0xc89DB6BfdfAB5f32270cd87b836B4C8BE4F9f224

And here is the next NFT for February!

Custom Artwork by @pulpfiction._

You can enter to win here.

Next Community Call

Our next Community Call will be held on February 5th by our Project Lead, Joseph Liu. We will be answering all of the community’s questions from our Telegram & Discord channels. Since this is a start of a new year, we will be sharing plans for the roadmap ahead.

Date — Saturday, February 5th, 2022

Time — 7 AM PST / 3 PM GMT

Click this link to join us on this date and time! —

Thanks for reading!

About Matrix Labs

Matrix Labs is building an ecosystem of DeFi products that will interoperate to maximize returns while minimizing risks for users. Matrix Lab’s products focus on capturing unaddressed demand in DeFi in an innovative and user-friendly way that is open to everyone.

Use Matrixswap on Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, & Fantom

Matrixswap’s DEX Aggregator is now LIVE on four different chains — Polygon, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Avalanche, & Fantom. Trade all of your favorite assets within these three chains and enjoy the unique features Matrixswap has to offer.

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