Matrix Labs Monthly Update (February 2022)

February was a very rewarding month and we appreciate everyone sticking with us on this journey.

Let’s go over what we did in February and what we discussed in our Twitter Spaces call.

Twitter Spaces & February Highlights

  • MatrixPerp went live on mainnet.
  • Also went over the difficulties and challenges we’re facing with MatrixPerp.
  • The single Asset Staking feature also went live shortly after MatrixPerp. Users can earn up to 60% APR when staking MATRIX tokens.
  • The latest partnership with Router Protocol for cross-chain compatibility.
  • Moonbeam and Moonriver have also been integrated into Matrixswap.
  • Dropped some alpha regarding what we’re working on next — NFT Perpetuals.


We’ve seen some challenges with the release of MatrixPerp mainnet. The one big issue we have currently is the lack of users and growth for more traders. We will work more diligently on acquiring more users through more marketing efforts and internal growth products which include a Referral Program and on-chain growth.

Single Asset Staking

Shortly after the release of MatrixPerp mainnet, we’ve also released a Single Asset Staking feature. You can now stake your MATRIX and earn more MATRIX at a rate of 60% APR.

Router Protocol Partnership

With our recent partnership with Router Protocol, we’re bridging the gap between a multi-chain protocol to a cross-chain protocol. Router effortlessly bridges this gap with their dynamic cross-chain protocol allowing users to swap tokens from one blockchain to another.

With our MATRIX token on three different blockchains, users will be able to swap their tokens effortlessly between different blockchains.

NFT Perpetuals

Matrix Labs also aims to disrupt both DeFi and NFTs with NFT Perpetual Contracts. Soon you’ll be able to long or short your favorite NFT projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, AzukiZen, and much more.

This is a brand new asset that you can speculate and trade on and we can’t be more excited to build this for our existing community and DeFi/NFT communities alike.

We’re working closely with Chainlink and other NFT projects to bring this to fruition. Stay tuned for more.

Thanks for reading!

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