Lester Lim from X21 Digital Joins Matrixswap as a Strategic Advisor

Today, we welcome Lester Lim from X21 Digital to the Matrixswap team as a Strategic Advisor!

Lester Lim is an experienced digital marketer & entrepreneur who’s no stranger to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

He has worked on multiple million-dollar digital marketing campaigns and is currently one of the most sought-after incubators to lead funding rounds for blockchain startups.

X21 Digital is a Singaporean-based incubator for blockchain & cryptocurrency projects looking to disrupt the world of digital finance. X21 not only incubates new crypto projects but advises, funds, and supports these projects in a variety of ways.

Lester’s experience and expertise working with many different crypto and blockchain projects will lend a helping hand to growing Matrixswap as we plan to build our DEX built on Polkadot and Cardano.

“Awesome to have Lester on board alongside our rockstar team of Strategic Advisors. His hands-on experience in the blockchain space is highly valuable and we appreciate everything. Welcome Lester.”

Joseph Liu, Founder of Matrixswap

What is X21 Digital?

X21 Digital incubates, advises, funds & supports blockchain projects towards sustainable success. Paving the way for a decentralized future X21 Digital’s portfolio includes new partnerships such as TeraBlock, Formation Finance, ArGo, Shield Finance, and much more.

They specialize in marketing, tokenomics, leading funding rounds, and much more.

Visit X21 Digitalhttp://x21digital.com/
X21 Digital Twitter https://twitter.com/X21_Digital

About Matrixswap

Matrixswap is a fully decentralized virtual-AMM-based perpetual swaps trading protocol deployed on the Polkadot and the Cardano blockchains. Unlike traditional AMMs, users can long or short any assets’ perpetual contracts with up to 25x leverage. While most decentralized derivative trading platforms face liquidity concerns, the Matrixswap vAMM offers infinite on-chain liquidity. A funding rate mechanism is incorporated to ensure MarkPrice closely tracks IndexPrice. Matrixswap aims to be a fully community-owned and governed Defi protocol in the long run.

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